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racing DRONE fpv

Racing Drones offer a different dynamic to Aerial Drones. They not only provide pin point accuracy with the ability to carve between obstacles and chase the shot at speeds but also being able to make slow steadicam-style movements with maximum control. Our racing drone is very special in the fact that we have an RED KOMODO mounted to the drone stabilised by the new DJI RS3 Pro, enabling us to create some seriously impressive footage. 

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How fast can it fly?

Our FPV Drone can travel up to speeds 70mph

How quick to get airborne?

Arriving on location and running test flights take approximately 45 mins

How long is the flight time?

5/6 Minutes flying with Komodo on board

Can the director get picture?

Yes, using our market leading DJI image transmission sending directly to a video village or personal monitor

How many crew?

We can fly the FPV Racing Drone with an experienced 2 man crew (provided)

What lens can be used?

Traditional hard mounting options include Laowa 9mm, 12mm & 14mm zero distortion wide angle lenses. 

On a gimbal set up we can use anything up to 85mm on the DJI RS3 Pro

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