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Our Side by Side ATV is the perfect small track vehicle that can be used with up to 4 crew members. The adapted ATV vehicle is an electric powered vehicle with smooth acceleration and top speeds of up to 30mph. Being an electric vehicle, this also makes the ride almost silent keeping the sound department on side.

The custom made ATV features custom electronics, high quality monitors and an internal video playback system.






Our Motocrane Ultra Arm has been shortened slightly for the ATV, but still gives us a large range of camera movement. It's silent running, extensive development and high quality monitors providing the crew the equipment needed to get the shot.

Our team of trained and experienced crew will be the difference you are looking for when it comes to nailing it on the day.



The Black Arm doesn't offer the flexibility to quickly change camera position that the Ultra Arm does but can be used on public roads without road closures. However the police must always be consulted before undertaking any tracking work on the public highway.


REmote head's



The Arri SRH-360 is a compact three-axis fully stabilized remote head. It packs a huge punch with a large payload while still only weighing in at 11kg. For this reason it's our preferred head for high speed work on our Arm Car. Integrated LBUS creates more options for camera accessory control which allows for zoom focus and iris to be controlled through the RCP control panel.



The DJI Ronin is a more cost effective option and works especially well paired with the black arm.

The maximum payload for the Ronin 2 is 13.6kg and is a 3-Axis stabilised head with a vast range of accessories to suit your requirements 



"How long does it take to set up for shooting?"

The ATV will come ready on a trailer for the shoot. Some final installation work takes around 20 minutes to complete.

"Can we use it in the rain?"

Yes, The Ultra and Black arm are both useable in wet conditions with a little extra rain protection.


"Can we go off road?"

The ATV can do some off roading, but if you wanted to do high speed off road scenes, we have other options. 


"How far will you travel?"

We are Nationwide and would also travel into Europe and beyond, just ask us.

"Do we need a crew?"

No, we could provide the crew needed for the shoot from our very experience team to work with your camera crew, we can also provide and operator on request

"Which remote head do you advise using?"

Our preferred choice is the ARRI SRH-360 remote head. Its stabilisation and robust motors means its perfect for the job when being thrown around at high speeds.

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