The Motocrane Ultra Arm is a lightweight remote arm with a 12ft reach, 8 second 360º swing and 3 second 90˚ degree lift. It features lift axis stabalisation and is capable of operating at speeds of 75mph+. The Ultra Arm can carry a payload of up to 30kg. We run our arm with either the Arri SRH-360 or Ronin 2 remote heads. 

The Ultra Arm's low profile and low center of gravity reduces the impact on the vehicle's performance, when comparing it with a traditional russian arm, while being more cost effective.

The Ultra Arm can be rigged on to our Porsche Cayenne Turbo or Land Rover Discovery tracking vehicles. It is also possible to rig the arm onto other specalist tracking platforms such as smaller electric vehicles or off road side by sides which we can supply through our partners. 


Motocrane Ultra Arm Traktion
Land Rover Tracking Vehicle
Arri SRH-360 rigged onto the Motocrane Ultra Arm