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The Arri SRH-360 is a compact three-axis fully stabilized remote head. It packs a huge punch with a 30KG payload while still only weighing in at 11kg. For this reason it's our preferred head for high speed work on our Arm Car. Integrated LBUS creates more options for camera accessory control which allows for zoom focus and iris to be controlled through the RCP control panel.


The SRH-360 is the updated version of the SRH-3. A new slip ring permits unlimited rotation of the head. At the same time, the torque of the pan motor has been increased by 50%, allowing it to compensate for powerful centrifugal forces when shooting high-speed camera moves.

The SRH-360 is at home on a Dolly, Crane, Trike, Tracking Bike and Arm Car and can quickly be transferred between each of these setups giving the operator familiar and precise control in each scenario.



Our SRH technicians and operators come with a wealth of expertise and experience using this remote head in the most demanding situations. 


Our close relationship with Arri and Foma means we receive constant support and advice straight from the source.

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