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RC Buggy cam

A new dimension of tracking vehicle. The RC buggy cam can be put into places that you would not want to go, a dangerous spot, under vehicles or chasing through narrow streets. Utilising our World Class RC driver to be able to travel at speeds with smooth transitions and precision. Using both line of sight and FPV to get the best out of our Buggy Cam. A truly new dimension to cinema.  

How fast can it go?

The buggy cam can travel up to speeds 30+mph depending on payload and ground conditions

How quick to get driving?

The buggy itself can be ready in a matter of minutes if the camera is pre rigged on the remote head.

How long is the run time?

The buggy can last up to and beyond 30 minutes depending on activities

How do we receive picture

A wireless transmitter can be mounted to the camera or buggy itself. we reccomend using a powerful system to give maximum range.

How many crew?

1 Precision RC driver and a remote head technician will be required for buggy operation.

We can supply a camera operator on request.

What camera package can be used?

We find an Alexa mini with a lightweight zoom to work well on this setup

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