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DJI RS2 Hydra Mount

DJI Ronin RS2 

The Ronin RS2 is a lightweight 1kg gimbal with a payload of up to 4.5kg. It offers cinematographers and directors a new creative tool to place and move high end cameras in ways that were not previously possible. Our modified kits are designed to help the RS2 meet the demands of high end TV, film and commercial productions. With precise operation on either the Master or Nodo wheels using the RS2 will feel very familiar while enjoying the additional freedom which comes from such a lightweight remote head.

Our kits can be supplied with or without a highly skilled technician or camera operator

Ronin RS2 Accessories


Additional BG30 Battery Grips

Hawkwood Mini V Locks 50wh & 100wh


TiLTA  Wireless Video Mounting

TiLTA  Power Supply Base Plate

TiLTA  Side Arm Counterweight Clamp

TiLTA  Quick Release Baseplate Counterweight Adapter

TiLTA Battery Plate to RS 2 Power Pass - through Plate

TiLTA  12/15MM Rod Clamp
TiLTA Dual Handle Power Supply Bracket


DJI Master Wheels 3 Axis

Nodo Inertia Wheels 3 Axis


Small HD 502

Small HD 702 Touch

Small HD Cine 7

Small HD 1303 13 inch Monitor


TiLTA Hydra Alien Car Mounting System

Inovativ Cart


Red Komodo

The Red Komodo's global shutter, 16+ stops of dynamic range and 6K sensor all packed into a tiny body makes it the perfect action camera. Its small size opens up many more options for camera movement that weren't previously possible without compromising image quality. ​

Our Red Komodo has been built to be as compact and lightweight as possible for the RS2. It includes the Kippertie PL mount with inbuilt ND filters and Modern Film Tools Horseshoe which allows runstop and timecode while only adding 160grams of weight.

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