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DJI Ronin 2 

We specialize in custom DJI Ronin 2 wet or dry hire packages, with an extensive range of accessories needed to ergonomically support large camera and lens combinations. We create a bespoke package tailored to the specific requirements of each film production to ensure that the cinematographer and director can push the boundaries of camera movement.

We have a wide variety of control options to use the Ronin 2 as a remote head including DJI master wheels, Inertia Wheels and DJI Force Pro as well as a large selection of support/grip accessories, including the Ready Rig GS, vibration isolators and various adaptors.

Our kits can be supplied with or without a highly skilled technician or camera operator

Ronin 2 Accessories


 DJI TB50 Charging Peli Case (Fast Charge Up To 8 Batteries At Once)

Additional TB50 Batteries

Cinemilled Accessories

Upper Tilt Arm Extensions for Ronin 2

Extended PRO Lower Dovetail for Ronin 2

Extended PRO Upper Dovetail for Ronin 2

Rod Support

Pan Counterweight Mount for Ronin 2

Assortment of Cinemilled Counterweights

Mitchell Threaded Collar and Castle Nut

Universal Ronin 2 Mount

Pan Counterweight mount

Quick Switch Mount Plate


DJI Master Wheels 3 Axis

Nodo Inertia Wheels 3 Axis

DJI Force Pro


Small HD 502

Small HD 702 Touch

Small HD Cine 7

Small HD 1303 13 inch Monitor


Flowcine Black Arm

Flowcine Tranquilizer

Motocrane Ultra Isolator

Ready Rig GS Support Vest

Mitchell to 48mm Tube Bracket

Universal Plate (Ronin 2) to Mitchell Adapter

Gimbal to Male Mitchell 90 Degrees

Male to Female Mitchell Mount

Custom Easy 10-20kg Wire Vibration Isolator

Custom Easy 20-30kg Wire Vibration Isolator

Damperzen Type D v2 Vibration Isolator

Inovativ Cart


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